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the soundtrack project

i think that it was my friend zari who brought the soundtrack project into my life. but she thinks that i brought it into her life. cat’s game.

me and zari way back. this year i got to see her graduate from college.

7 or 8 years ago, we made personal soundtracks and exchanged them. these are the soundtracks if there were movies made of our lives (we’re both wes anderson fans, so i’m guessing that his movies were the inspiration). not necessarily our favorite songs, but songs that are meaningful to us for whatever reason. it had to all fit on one cd. we made them and exchanged them.

zari's first soundtrack - she was in high school when she made this.

it occurred to me that it would be a good exercise for the new year. so the first new year after my medical drama (2010) i invited some folks to join me in the soundtrack project. i ended up with quite a few soundtracks, and i’ve enjoyed getting to know my friends a little bit better through their musical selections. i never fail to be surprised by a song or two that i find on there.

last year, kristin and i were struggling with putting together our soundtracks for 2011.

kristin and kriste working on their 1979 soundtracks.

both of us were trying to wrestle with our love of elvis costello – he was occupying a lot of disc space. we decided to make and exchange all-elvis soundtracks. i found out that kristin’s more of the ballad elvis fan, whereas my elvis taste leans more towards the kick-you-in-the-teeth 3-minute miracles. we even got to go together to see him play in 2011 – i credit the good elvis soundtrack vibes.

kriste and kristin many years later.

elvis costello, soundtrack hog

this year i’ll be spending some of the time between christmas and new year’s eve finishing up my soundtrack for 2012. i have a really great soundtrack for this year to build on. the basics will mainly stay the same, but as new songs come, others have to go to make room. that’s the only rule – it has to fit on one cd. it should matter to you – this isn’t the soundtrack to anyone else’s movie. if you love hanson then they better be on your soundtrack. the order of the songs matters. and you have to actually burn the cd – no links to playlists allowed. ok. i guess that’s more than one rule.

i highly recommend that you give the soundtrack project a try. it’s a very cool way to make a musical inventory of your life – it can take a pretty amazing amount of self-reflection, and it’s an interesting way to get to know someone. recruit a few of your friends and swap ’em. and let me know if you want to trade with me.

i’m currently listening to zari’s first soundtrack. and wondering what has survived the years and will be on her 2012 soundtrack.