not for me

i had been a vegetarian for almost 20 years before my medical drama.

i became a vegetarian right around the time my friend zari was born. and here we are sharing a margarita a few months ago.

this turned out to be a handy thing. it’s been so long since i’ve eaten any meat (yes, that includes chicken. and fish. and bacon.) that it’s no longer food to me. when i’m at a potluck, or looking at a menu, my eyes skim over the meaty things. it doesn’t bother me one bit to see other people eating meat. i’m not jealous that they can order the fried chicken and i can’t.

now i’m applying that same thinking to the list of things that are not for me because of my stroke, etc. things like:

• unicycles

• eating sandwiches with two hands

• roller blades

• walking dogs

• high heels

• flip flops (i kick my left foot just enough to send that sucker flying)

• ladders

• wrapping presents neatly

• swimming

• standing on one foot

• carrying things up and down stairs

• running

• standing up from the floor without using my hands

• a career as a waitress

to be fair, a few of those things (high heels, for example) were not for me BEFORE i had my stroke.

i’m a little more than 2 years out from my stroke, and it’s taken me a while to get to the “that’s not for me” stage. yes, i watched people walking in flip flops and threw myself a quiet pity party. but now i have (mostly) successfully engaged the vegetarian part of my brain about these things. i can appreciate a cute pair of flip flops, just like i can appreciate a well-cooked piece of salmon – both things are fine for other folks, but are not for me.

if i had made this list 18 months ago, i would have included things like walking, driving, and crocheting. those things and many others were not for me for a while, but they are for me now. so i wonder what will be gone from this not for me list 18 months from now. i’m predicting that unicycles and high heels will still be on it.

standing next to my grandma betty was on the "not for me" list 18 months ago.


6 responses to “not for me

  1. Note to Fresno: Turkey IS meat.

  2. Love this post; what a great way to look at things. BTW, unicycles are not for me, either! Even 2-wheelers… I may have to try it again someday but I’ve made it 35 years without any success on that front.

  3. I have a design team working on the sandwich issue.

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