the peacock

about a week ago i was walking down my street to the gym pretty early in the morning.

a man sitting outside of a local watering hole, the peacock, was staring at me while i walked toward him. when i got up to him he said, “can i ask you a question?”

“sure.” i said, and braced for the question.

“about a year ago i had knee replacement surgery,” he said, “and i have a few canes i’m not using. would you want one?”

i told him that i’d love one, and i mentally kicked myself as i realized why he had been staring at me. maybe i haven’t fully made the switch to always assuming the best of people. he said that he lived right next door, and he could get one of the canes right then. i said that i was on my way to the gym and could i meet up with him another time. he said sure, introduced himself as randy, and explained that he just hangs out there for the company – he doesn’t drink. i said i’d keep an eye out for him and went back on my way.

the exchange made my day, and i’ve told several people about it. filed under “i live in such a great town.”

on saturday i was cruising around downtown, thinking about checking to see if a new restaurant had opened yet. when i passed the peacock i heard a familiar voice. “do you remember me?”

“of course. you’re randy.”

“i can go up to my place right now and get the cane if you want.”

i was headed in the other direction, and getting the cane would mean walking back to my apartment to put it away. not even i can pull off walking around with two canes. “that would be fantastic,” i said.

he got up and headed next door. “i have a camouflage one and one that’s purple and black. which one do you want?”

i said that the camouflage one sounded great. “ok. you wait here. i’ll be right back.”

so i waited on the sidewalk. he was right back.

he showed me all of the features of the camo cane. he even gave me a quick lesson in how to properly size a cane. he’s of the hip height school. i was taught that the right height is where your wrist falls when  your arms hang at your side. maybe it’s all the same. whatever. the cane’s adjustable, so i’m all set.

now what to name it. i’m leaning toward the peacock.


5 responses to “the peacock

  1. That’s one sweet ass cane. Totally…”the peacock” 🙂

  2. dude: The Randy Peacock. double-entendre city.

  3. great for playing “where’s my cane?”

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