putting the K in 5K

this winter, inspired by my friend marcy, i set a goal of walking in an official 5K. i walked pretty much every day, rain or shine. sometimes with friends, often on my own. there’s now a bit of a “where’s kriste?” game being played where i live. i’m spotted on a regular basis as i explore parts of town that i’ve never walked in before. now to find myself a red and white striped shirt (a new accessory!). when i started to take the walking distances thing seriously, a mile was difficult. after over a month i worked my way up to 3 miles at a time. after about another month i was ready to try a 5k.

there was a 5k in portland, oregon, that was a fundraiser for the american heart association. also raising awareness about strokes. sounded like the perfect first one. so i signed up. my mom and my friends emily and bucko (AKA t.a.) would walk with me. there were lots of people walking, and dealing with the crowd (people, strollers, dogs, kids…) was really the only challenging part. i had prepared myself well with my daily walks. i was glad to have loved ones walking with me. we called ourselves the walkstars.

the original walkstars

i decided that i’d try to walk an official 5K every month. today i walked in one that was put on by girls on the run. it was a lovely day, and a lovely course around the oregon state university campus. my aunt and cousin are both in town visiting from out of state, and they walked with me. my cousin’s skateboarding injury meant that his pace was a great match for mine.

me, cousin mark and aunt claire - the june walkstars

now i’ll take a moment to remind myself of where i was less than 2 years ago.

back when it was a big deal for me to be out of the hospital bed and sitting on a couch with my cousin mark.

emily and i are going back to her hometown in july and do a 5K walk there. her mom and sister are planning to join us.

as i look back at my recovery, i can see that my decision  to start walking was a transitional moment. and i remember when i started to be able to walk and talk with someone (many thanks to the folks who have walked with me). and walk and look around me. and i so clearly remember the moment when i realized that walking had become something pleasurable, and was no longer something that i was scared of.

so the walkstars are taking this show on the road. keep an eye out for me, and let me know when you want to go for a stroll with me.


4 responses to “putting the K in 5K

  1. are 10ks in the plans for 2012? or is that the year of bicycling dangerously?

    • this summer i’m hoping to relearn how to run and swim – new accessories! so can an accessorized triathlon be far behind? start training, bucko.

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