ADL, activities of daily living

i do the therapy work that I do not because it’s a ton of fun but so that i can live my life. and that’s what i’m doing. in the last week I’ve navigated TSA, gone to my 20-year high school reunion, and walked around on the beach. and many little things that are actually big things for me to be able to do – things like get in and out of assorted cars and bathtubs, which i couldn’t do without assistance a year ago.

i’m grateful for the folks who have helped me get to where i am. and right now i feel especially grateful for myself and all of the work that i’ve done since my surgeries. a lot of it was really hard and scary and discouraging and not very glamourous, but i did it and check out where it has gotten me.

sometimes the sand attachment on my cane isn't just for show.

times like this i’m the captain of team kriste.


2 responses to “ADL, activities of daily living

  1. we’re taught (or, rather, shamed) into not giving ourselves credit for what we accomplish in life. it’s part of the phony “christian” ethic that serves to keep us in thrall to our “real” leaders (and that’s enough of the quote marks). having the guts to acknowledge the facts, that you in fact have done a hell of a job in the past year, is, as ever, inspiring.

    i assume it’s all part of being rad & cool.

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