new place

i know that some folks have been wanting to see pictures of my new place. i’m not quite so buried under boxes, so here you go…

this is the entry into my little apartment building. not a single stair! my landlord remodeled the other downstairs apartment specifically for a guy who was in a wheelchair, so he poured this concrete for him. it wasn’t until my landlord pointed it out that i realized that there isn’t even a step to get into the building. this meant that my 92-year old grandma was able to come visit me with her walker. and makes it easier for my upstairs neighbors to get their stroller in and out. and i get to walk out my door with the luxury of not even thinking about stairs.

this is my front door. no step! my landlord pulled up the funky glued-down indoor/outdoor carpet, found this floor and redid it. i’ve never had a floor like this – i love it.

from the living room into my bedroom into the studio. this is the biggest step in the place. and my grandma went right over it with her walker. the floors in the two rooms are the same height.

this is from the studio out the back to the alley. no steps (those ones to the upstairs apartments don’t count).

you don’t care about stairs, or the lack thereof? ok, here are a few more pictures.

i now have an alley.

morning in my neighborhood.

graffiti on the walk to my gym.

i like pie.

two days a week farmers' market is around the corner.

i pass the courthouse on my walk to the bus station.

i'm writing this at the desk in my kitchen. this is my view.

my 20-year high school reunion is this weekend. more from me after that.


2 responses to “new place

  1. Peter j Carter

    Is this by the carousel?

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