the ultimate accessory

my all-time favorite accessory just walked out my door. my dog, elvis costello.

everybody thinks their dog is cute, but come on!

this is actually a good thing for both of us, as upsetting as it is right now. i’m moving into a great apartment downtown which is a much better fit for my “new normal” and will improve my quality of life. same goes for elvis – he’s moving into a foster home on 3 fenced acres with 2 other dogs. and i have no doubt that he’ll have a great time with his foster dad, john – it was love at first sight. and why not? elvis is a wonderful dog. and even if i could take him with me to the new apartment, i’m just not able to give him the care he needs and deserves. somebody else can. and will. and with elvis now tipping the scales at almost 95 pounds (don’t we all put on a little winter weight?), there’s plenty of him to go around. and elvis will have a great time wherever he ends up. that’s the kind of happy and well-adjusted dog that he is. i’m happy for him. and happy for myself. and glad to have known him. and so sad. but i’m going to take myself out for  a walk while the sun is out, and i’ll think about how much fun he’ll have running around at his new place.

i’m left thinking about how fortunate i am to live in a community where strangers step up and help the folks who need help. it tends to be upsetting to me that i need as much help as i do until i remember that i often was the one doing the helping, and i will be again. and a reminder that a silver lining of all of this is that i’m now much better at asking for help when i need it than i was before my stroke. i asked my friends to help me find a new home for elvis, and they did. gratitude is the perfect theme word for me this year. if i had a gratitude cup, it would be overflowing.

this is the digital story that i made about elvis last year –

\”me and elvis costello\”

the last picture ever taken of me and elvis costello.


2 responses to “the ultimate accessory

  1. A very nice tribute to Elvis, Kriste!

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