being on track depends on the track.

i disappeared for a while there. i was on vacation in southern california for about 3 weeks, visiting friends and family. as an elementary school teacher, i’ve never been able to take a vacation in late-january before. it was fantastic. the biggest problem i had was that i didn’t pack enough pairs of shorts – there are sure worse problems than that one. i came back feeling relaxed and energized at the same time, and i was so glad to be home.

when i was down there, i stayed for a few nights with my friend marcy. marcy and i went to the same middle school and high school, lived in the same neighborhood, and we both had strokes. i just passed 18 months since mine, and marcy is about 4 years out from her stroke.

we walked around balboa park. a big accomplishment for both of us, really.

marcy was a runner before her stroke, and she has and is working hard to get back to that. i was inspired by her to challenge myself to do a 5k walk in the spring. so i’ve been walking every day. 2 miles a day this week. and my mom and i are going to do a 2k walk here in town in two weeks. i’m guessing that there’ll be a lot of crying.

marcy is such an inspiration to me. and a reminder not to get down on myself, that things take time and work, and that those things pay off. marcy and i fantasized about going on amazing race as the stroke survivor team. america’s sweethearts! it seems like running is a pretty big part of that show. i’ll get there.

so there’s my excuse (excuses?) for not having written. i have some observations about traveling while disabled, and i’m planning to be back on track and get them written up. baby steps, right? baby steps have gotten me here – to the end of a week when i walked 14 miles. wow. that’s a lot of steps, and a lot of help and inspiration.

i love this picture of us. we look like the survivors that we are.


2 responses to “being on track depends on the track.

  1. I love this post. We are Survivors and I love that we could become America’s Sweethearts – sisters of another mother. Kriste – you inspire me not just with your Tim-Tams (which are gone by the way) but your attitude. You always have the most positive way of doing things – I always think of that when I am getting down. And 2K must be amazing for the kids and for you! I will be there in spirit. Thank you for writing this – you are, as I have always said, a star shining bright.

  2. Speaking of being back on track…looking forward to your musings about your first post-stroke train ride. All aboard!

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