the superpole

as a disabled person, i come upon accessibility issues, and i’ll blog about them as i see fit. see, i can talk about more than canes.

when i left the nursing home and came back to oregon to live with my parents, they were concerned about accessibility. and rightly so. at the time, i was using a wheelchair to get around, and because of my balance issues, i wasn’t able to get out of bed without help. enter the superpole – i think that my mom found it in a catalog loaned to her by one of the staff members at my nursing home. my dad bought one and set it up next to my bed in their guest room. and voila! i was able to easily get in and out of bed on my own. i could get to the bathroom in the middle of the night by myself. get myself to the breakfast table in the morning. i started to feel more like me. and my parents started to feel more like themselves too, i think.

the superpole has other benefits, too. when little kids see it, they usually ask if you’re a fireman. when adults see it, they usually ask if you’re a stripper.

when i moved back into my own house about a year ago, i was able to get out of bed on my own. so my dad put the superpole next to my bathtub. being able to safely take a bath whenever i wanted was a major psychological boost for me. and it wouldn’t have been possible without the superpole. my biggest piece of advice for someone dealing with accessibility issues would be to look into a superpole. it can be easily moved, installed for lots of purposes, doesn’t damage the floor and ceiling, and doesn’t take up much space.

accessibility, to me, is about leveling the playing field as best as possible. i appreciate when i have access to the same things that i would have before i had my stroke. my superpole has proven to be a big part of my recovery – the independence it has allowed me to have has had a big impact on my emotional health.

i am neither a fireman nor a stripper.


4 responses to “the superpole

  1. All these things I take for granted in terms of access! So glad the superpole and its kind exist, making greater independence possible. I’m not sctually sure which I’d least rather be– fireman or stripper. Firefighting has more dignity, strippers don’t have to work those crazy shifts and, like, sleep at work. It’s a toss up.

  2. love this, K!

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