8 ball

a time sometimes comes in a woman’s life when she has to choose which cane to use. at age 37, this choice is one that i make every time i leave my house. so yesterday, christmas, was no different. my grandma was coming to pick me up for brunch at my parents’ house – i can’t drive, and one of my two grandmas who live in my city is a driver, so she was enlisted to transport me and my packages.

santa greeted us at my parents' house

i chose my 8 ball cane for christmas morning with the family.

when you unscrew the top, there’s a foot-plus long sword inside it. now, i had no reason to fear violence, it’s just that my family isn’t very sentimental about holidays, or canes, for that matter.

my friend john gave me this cane for my birthday this year – he knew that i wanted a cane with an 8 ball for a handle, and i also wanted a cane with a sword in it, and through the magic of the interwebs he found a cane that was both. i don’t take this cane out much, what with the concealed weapon and all, but when i do it’s always a big hit. it’s pretty heavy, and the 8 ball (i think it’s a real one) makes for a comfortable grip. i added a wrist strap that my mom got for me – makes it easier to go up and down stairs. voila! the perfect cane for christmas with the family. it might be a new christmas tradition. last year, i was still in my wheelchair and just learning how to walk with a walker, so canes – walking one-handed! – seemed like more than i could hope for. the christmas before that, i would never have guessed that two years later i’d happily walk around my parents’ house on christmas morning with a cane with a sword inside it. but i did.

and i was a little surprised that i didn’t get any new additions to my cane collection this christmas.


4 responses to “8 ball

  1. That’s the coolest cane ever. Love your blog. Can’t wait to see the next cane. I might have to send you one just to see the blog post you write about it.


  2. nice cane…..I want the sword cane, it sounds like my kind of cane! Pete

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