lady bubba

my cousin mark still likes to give me a hard time, just like when we were kids.

but unlike way back then, now he gives me a hard time about my mobility. not only is he my only cousin, but he spent a lot of time with my mom and me when we were in phoenix for my surgery and the first part of my recovery. so he has really earned his right to give me a hard time. he and i used to joke about me having walker races with our grandma. so we staged a photo-op just for him.

i could barely walk with a walker back then. that’s why i’m wearing my gait belt.

mark joked with me that i needed a cane with flames on it, so that even though i was going slow it would look like i was going fast. in summer of 2010, my cousin’s parents and his daughter passed through town. my niece had a suspicious package for me from mark. talk about special delivery!

mark and my niece had found the cane in an antique store in phoenix. it had the words “lady bubba” branded into the wood just below the handle. mark carved flames into it, as well as our initials.  the day after my flame cane arrived, i was walking with it through a festival. a boy, probably 10 or so years old, passed me (imagine that), then turned to me and said, “hey! those flames make it look like you’re going fast even though you’re not.” i told him that he was exactly right. when i told my cousin, he was really pleased. a few minutes later, i took my picture in the reflection of the handle, while my mom went to get her car to pick me up. managed to get my initials and my “new” bracelet – new was my theme for the year after my surgeries – into the picture. multi-tasking!

lady bubba is a substantial cane. the handle feels like a gear shift. maybe mark (a car buff) will create a gear shift cane for me. custom canes by mark. my birthday isn’t until may, and my new year starts in early august. since it’s almost christmas, i’ll keep an eye out for suspicious packages.


2 responses to “lady bubba

  1. Did you receive any suspicious packages over Christmas? If you did, I hope you put them right into the dryer. You can’t be too careful these days, you know. 🙂

    Very awesome cane.


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