my walking steadily improved during the spring of 2010. i was ready to try a short hike. my mom took me to peak sports in downtown corvallis, and we found a walking stick that telegraphs down for regular walking and up for hiking. my mom got it for me for a birthday present. she considers it to be a “hip young person’s cane” – i consider it to be the most natural cane that i have, so i use it the most. it’s lightweight, has a wrist strap, and i like the round knob handle.

my canes all have names. i call this one leon because of a leon redbone song called \”walking stick\” – i’ve loved that song since i was a kid.

the day after my birthday in may 2010, i went on a hike with sandy (he surprised me at my birthday visit, appearing out of nowhere from the bay area) and john. we hiked woodpecker loop. leon was an excellent companion, as were john and sandy.

leon has been many places with me. he came with me to hawaii, and there he walked with me to get my phoenix tattoo on the 1 year anniversary of my first brain surgery. while we were there we walked on the sand – he has a fancy sand attachment. he went with me to southern california, too. we walked through my childhood park with my friend tammy. he’s put in many miles around town, and been on several more hikes. he was with me when a reporter came to interview me – he even got his picture in the paper.

leon’s newest addition is a bumper sticker. i don’t have a car anymore, so i couldn’t think of a place to put the bumper sticker that my friend emily brought back for me from cafe gratitude in berkeley. gratitude is my theme word for this year. john put the sticker on leon. it’s a good reminder for me, and i’m so grateful to be able to walk with a cane.


6 responses to “leon

  1. Mayor Tomlinson should give you the Cane to the City!

  2. Where’s Bubba? or the one I gave u

    • i’m probably going to write about one of my canes each week. so they’ll be here. just not sure exactly when.

      lady bubba is in the picture of my phoenix tattoo.

  3. I cane help with the cane’s manufaturing…….Pete

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